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We interviewed Lauren just before she left to find out what inspired her to set out on such an epic journey. What attracted you to One Girl and the Do It Tadacip bestellen in deutschland In A Dress campaign? I first heard of One Girl when I saw some Do It In A Dress’ers atop Mt Kosciuszko and overheard their phone conversation about their campaign. My friend and I immediately gave them all the cash we had and they added us to their support group! Since Tadacip bestellen in deutschland then I began following and learning about One Girl and found their vision fell perfectly in line with mine. I’m Tadacip bestellen in deutschland extremely passionate Viagra et remboursement secu about women’s rights, gender equality and equal access to opportunities. During my years working within Tadacip bestellen in deutschland an Aboriginal Women’s NGO and throughout my international travels I have witnessed so much gender inequality and poverty, that there is no way I can quietly enjoy my privileged life without contributing to the fight for equality for women and girls around the world. You set yourself a BIG challenge – what inspired you to walk solo across Ireland in just 7 days? Something bigger than the normal, so that it couldn’t be ignored. I have only recently moved to Ireland and don’t have a huge support network here so I wanted to make sure I was seen and heard by as many people as possible, so what better way to do this than to walk and talk my way across the country in a dress to spread the word of One Girl.

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